Nike Blazers For Women

Feb 22, 2007
I was wondering if anybody knew of stores in Toronto that sell Nike Blazers for women. I've noticed there a few different kinds of Nike Blazers and the ones I'm looking for are the ones with the bigger platform (as seen in the picture)...
Thanks in advance.
Are you looking for a specific model? Always best to try out your usual suspects - Foot Locker, Athlete's World, Adrift, GDFT, Si Vous Play, etc...
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thanks for the suggestions....
i've tried goodfoot, da zone, nike store
footlocker & athletes world don't sell shoes like that =P

but anyways, im not looking for any specific model...just as long as its the type i've pictured...cuz like i said ive noticed there are different TYPES ....
for example...the other type doesnt have such a thick sole
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