Nike Calve sleeves?

Joined May 11, 2013
I've been looking for months for some of the knee/calve sleeves that NBA players wear. It's kinda like leggings but they don't go down all the way. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Danny Green are some that wear it. 
Joined Jan 8, 2006
This kid on my hs bball team used to wear the calf sleeve that T Mac used to rock all the time, everyone called it the leg condom :lol:
Joined Aug 11, 2008
I rock the mcdavid calf sleeve but it dont cover the knee tho im pretty sure ypu can go to their website andfond what you need mines was 15 for 1
Joined Jan 6, 2013
Thanks, but does it go all the way down unlike what the NBA players wear? Or is it cause their legs are long? Hahaha
It's because of the length of their legs and the spandex material that causes it to ride up a bit. They are mainly concerned with wicking away their thighs to their calves. You really dont chafe around your ankles.
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