nike dri fit pacquiao shirt sizing?

Mar 12, 2005
Hello PI.. I remember there was a topic about this a while ago but couldn't find it.. Anyway lookin to get some pacquiao shirts but not sure on sizing, I'm normally a L in nike shirts but doesn't the dri fit tees run small? So I figured XL would be ok, but the stores are sold out in most sizes and only have L or XXL.. Which sz should I go with?
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X-Small - TOP - BOTTOM : 25 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT :19.5 inches
Small - TOP - BOTTOM : 26 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT : 20 inches
Medium - TOP - BOTTOM : 27 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT : 21 inches
Large - TOP - BOTTOM : 28 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT : 21.5 inches
X-Large - TOP - BOTTOM : 29 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT : 22.5 inches
XX-Large - TOP - BOTTOM : 30 inches, ARMPIT - ARMPIT : 23.5 inches

If your a L in nike shirts, you should go with a XL, just measure your shirts to make sure of the correct sizing. You can also check MegaMall & Rockwell, I heard they had the older MP shirts (Hands held high in red).
i know these shirts are pretty old....but i'm still wanting one. does anybody know where they're still selling these? anybody have a hookup? onlyones i see on ebay are fakes.
i haven't seen these shirts in awhile.. yeah, if you're a large in the states, you're an xl in the pacquiao shirts.
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