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formerly diplomat tdot
Jun 26, 2002
I have a few extra passes for the NIKE Employee Store for today (Tuesday) till Saturday so the first few to PM can get them and no the "Old Love, New Love" pack won't be at the ES store.

The pass is for you + 1 guest.......just helping those who don't get the chance to go to the store all the time and may not have links for the Champs/FL Employee 50% off sale this weekend.
^ PM'd
FOR SALE AF1 Priority Philippines Inside/Out sz 9 DS LOOKING FOR Lebron SVSMs sz 9 - 10 DSdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
I'll respond to all the PM's by the end of the evening I'm just real busy and I'll be out all day and night.
^ I don't think all the pairs are gone last I heard.
I should mention I don't charge for these......last thing I wantis problems to occur, I don't know if duke above is doing the same but I just felt to put that out there.
oh what!? the penny foams might still be @ ES?....damn....

will PM Blackkcat, Diplomat, check them
formerly shoeWUfreak
Thanks for the info DiPlOmAt

If someone finds a sz10 Foam Ones can you pick it up for me?
I would ask for a Pass but thats the only shoe I would like to purchase.

^ me too...

and big props to Q for hookin ppl up with the pass.
appericate the nashing :pimp:

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
for those people who pm'd me about the passes i already gave 8 away i think i have 3 more left and im located in mississauga so if you're willing to come down just pm me
I couldn't reply on pm's anymore i just had my limit, the first 3 people that msg me about the passes will get them, which are

stevek89- i left you my number
nkwu11- leave me your # or get my number from stevek89
4 Your Ent- i called no answer

im located in sauga, meadowvale area to be exact for those who kept asking, for the people i couldnt reply to and was to late SORRY cause i only have 3 left but the only sure one is stevek89 so for the rest just pm me cause i can't pm anymore
and leave me a number! so i wont be guessing
Anyone who PM'd me all have been replied to so check it.

Easily got over 26 msgs and a good amount were from people I NEVER seen post in this forum.

^ I didn't get any? :\
FOR SALE AF1 Priority Philippines Inside/Out sz 9 DSLOOKING FOR Lebron SVSMs sz 9 - 10 DSdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)
^ I'm still replying I didn't expect people to check my last post so fast...LOL
@ Blackkcat

I was working my ball program at my centre still. I just got in. If you still have one for me let me know.

FS: AJ III "DTRT" sz 10, and "Stay In School - Flight Club" Tee XL & XXL. AJ III "Flips" 7Y​
damn why these sales always fall around bad times for me
Atlantic Division Champs CHCHCHEAAAAAAAAAA !
Anyone who PM'd me check you PM's I will be downtown for some of the day so if your looking get @ me.
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