Nike KD 12

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QUICK QUESTION (i'm tryna buy the 12s with that discount). My size in the KD12 is 12 with plenty of room, would it be good to go down in an 11.5 or don't risk it? They don't have a 12 for the black cements.
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90s kids full price now, no discount

that grey pair $78 tho.. DAMN
Aiiiiightttt not a big fan of the colorway but this is the cheapest I seen, looks like it’s finally time to cop. Hoop in em a few times and either keep or return lol

Edit - reds are same price , hmmm which to get....
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UG-OH I might have to grab those greys maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Told my wife 1 pair a month while we try and buy this house we want haha. I wanted the XXX4 or Brons but I cannot be that price for the KD
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I couldn’t decide so I copped both the reds and grays. Planning to decide in person. Depending how I like playing in them, I’ll keep one, both, or neither lol
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Just saw these in EBay. I will assume these are the next c/w drop?

Not bad...
Will finally be in on these if that is not translucent. These feel great trying them on but heard WAY too many people complaining about the traction at multiple gyms that require folks to change into hooping shoes before even stepping foot on the court.
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