Nike KD 12

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Another TB colorway. I'm good with my one NBY/ID pair. I'll be looking on though until the KD13 in the Spring/Summer.
Joined Mar 31, 2017
The ice blues are nice but not for retail..
The YouTube pair could of been done better as these are not it lol

I'm sure everyone agrees the best pair is the above the rim don c collab pair.

90s kids
The uni red
Cement aka BKs
Eybl if u like crazy colours.
And the white pair although hard to keep clean..

Is the best retail pairs but..too much translucent soles

Another reason why I like the don c pair cos its black rubber and will last alot longer.

It's a shame cos these are a very good performer..and lacks the colourways..

So..bring on the kd 13s
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