Nike Kobe II Strengths (Orcas) Sizing Poll

Dec 30, 2005
Hi guys,
I've been having a hard time in figuring out how the Kobe line sizes up. In the zk1 im a 9.5 when my normal shoe size is a 10. I have a pair of the strengths in a 9.5 but the sides a little snug on one foot (probably means i have wide feet and one foot is wider than the other). Ive read many review posts with people asking how they fit so I've made a poll so that people can get a general consensus and they can make their sizing judgment off of this, so hopefully it will help. Thanks again for participating!

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tried on both 1/2 size down from true size (1/2 size down for AZK1 & LBJIV for me) and my true size before ordering online. the 1/2 size down fits OK, but just barely a little snug. ended up going w/ my true size. some ppl like barely snug fitting shoes for ballin and some like a tad bit of freedom. it just depends on your personal preference i suppose. hope this helps.
i wear a size 10 to and i tryed it on and it was tight so i had to get a 10.5 thought my foot grew but its the shoes
So, if I have a fairly wide foot and I prefer 11.5 since it has some room in the toes, I should get an 11.5? My true size is 11, though, but I like 11.5.
I Just got a pair of the team USA ultimates and I am normally a size 10.5, but my feet where hitting the front of the toe inside the shoe in the store. So when i ordered I got a size 11, and they too are to small. My feet smash into the front of them hurting my toes every single time i try to do something while playing. I am 23 years old, so My feet aint growing anymore, All My other kicks are 10.5.
^ i think if thats the case you might not be tying the shoes around the ankle area enough to get a lockdown fit. im a size 10 and my toes are almost touching but once im tied in im good to go and never had a problem with my toes crashing the top of the shoes, even when i wear thicker socks (to protect the chafing of the ankles).

BTW this is a reply to the ULTIMATES not the ST (orcas, USA etc.)
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The zoom kobe st's are cut a bit on the wider side and also run fairly true to size.I am normally a 9.5 but one of my feet are slightly bigger than the other.I initially bought a 10 like a majority of shoes because I have feet that are a bit on the wide side,but ended up going down to a 9.5.I didnt have problems with my bigger foot hitting the front.I really felt the benefits of the 2 straps when I went down in size as well.
check the review,I did an update after the initial review when I went half a size down-zoom Kobe 2 ST
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