Joined Apr 16, 2011
I’ll get them all! I don’t even care. The 6 is my all time favorite.
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Joined Jan 30, 2002
Good to know they will be pumping Kobes out still. Need black colorway or another Del Sol
Joined Nov 2, 2008
Now I know what og sneaker heads feel like

I still got these in good condition

obviously some what of a yellow sole but still good

I kinda want some different cws

like the lakers 3D or grinch
Joined Nov 2, 2008
If I had to rank my Kobe’s from when I first had my first pair which was when the 5 came out ( away cw still have, first shoe with my own money when I had my first job) top 3 for me
1) Kobe 5
2) Kobe 8
3) Kobe 6
Joined Dec 24, 2016
In for VI's. Need a lightbulb for nostalgia purposes, but other than that, give me the grinches. Nike will probably find a way to eff that up though


Joined Jan 19, 2007
Would love to cop these.

the VI is probably the best out of the line. You had nba players who wore these for years long after their run was done. Mike Dunleavy Jr I see you.
Joined May 10, 2013
Never had a pair of 6s. Had 7s-11s. 9s were my favorite feel wise. How do the 6s compare? Really want a pair of these. Hope they release the Grinches.
Joined Jul 22, 2018
First, this is great news. The VI was a great shoe for me performance wise. Like others, this was the first Nike Kobe shoe that made me want to play in low tops. Around this time, I really felt that Kobe was the only athlete that kept refining his shoes to give him an advantage in performance.
Second, I think this also bodes well for those who want the V protro models. I was very lucky to get the Kobe V Protro Chaos and I really want to obtain more of the V protro in other colorways. In addition to the CW Nike has shown or were hinted at, I imagine Nike had a lot of unreleased CW and probably even started production. I think by having a tentative release date for the Kobe VI, this puts a deadline to release all the V protro models.
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