Nike Lebron 17

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9s were trash looking in my opinion and the 15-17 are fine, honestly the line has been going strong look wise since the 5s and only had dips in the 6, 9, and 13 though you can find a gem in the 13s atleast I did
I say 11 thru 14 was the decline in the LeBron line, but the 15 and 16 has brought the line back to life and the 17 is just as nice
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was the XI not popular? i really liked that drop in full length zoom setup they used on em, that Miami colorway were amazing.
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Couldn't see the pic...but once I qouted it I sees it...and likes it.

No over the top purple or yellow...which is cool with me.

Not taking full credit for the pics. Doesn’t belong to me, nor did i post it first.
The purple pops better in this pic for some reason than the pic above. Does it change color depending on view/light?

Either way, I'm a fan of the church glass shimmer. NOT a fan of that white sole though.
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That white/gold/black CW will look much better in person, but man...they're really missing the mark on these colorways with some weird choices. White sole? WTF. It throws off whole shoe. And that purple air bag is a totally different color than the purple swirled with the gold. The model looks great to me, but whoever is designing the CWs is working overtime to screw this up.

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Nike should two versions a knit version and genuine leather version doesn't have to be a full upper leather but something. It will kill 2 birds with one stone for people who still appreciate a leather build basketball shoe.

I'm kinda tired of seeing knit too. Makes for weak colorways imo.
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I can't believe it. You cappin.
I'm speaking factually on my feet, they're not that comfy, AJ4s are slightly more comfy, the LJ3s hurt and crush the top of the front of my foot so it is what it is, I do like the design of the Oilers LJ3s but the comfort isn't there compared to anything 7 and above.....caveot 11s aren't all that comfy to me either
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