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Joined Mar 29, 2005
Looking to compile files of all Nike logos I.E. Force, flight, air max, zoom, etc. any help is appreciated. Mods if this in the wrong forum let me know, but the older the logos the better hence I'm posting in retro



Joined Oct 3, 2006
In 2012 at the Campus, Nike did an exhibit called The Logo Project. If you google Nike Logo Project, you'll find a few links with some images that are illustrative of the exhibit, which could get you started. They produced a foldable pamphlet to go along with the event that had all of the logos on one side in chronological order with descriptions for each on the back. It's similar to the Nike basketball t-shirt posted above, but larger and more extensive. It's an absolutely fantastic source of information and it's graphically phenomenal. If you can track one down, that would be huge.

And just for fun, a few of my favorite Nike logos: Nike Country, ACG, Swingman (Griffey), Oregon Project, and Nike Elite.
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