Nike Michael Jordan Bulls Away Jersey size 44

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  1. hoosier bad boy 11

    hoosier bad boy 11

    Jul 23, 2003
    ] Jordan Bulls away Jersey for sale, size 44

    I tried the Jersey on but never worn it’s too small for me.

    These are in great condition no flaws, I don’t have original box.

    $100 shipped with USPS.

    Please message for any questions. Thanks!

    FD54CC3F-FB63-4304-943E-DA4D15F932F3.jpeg 95B73150-A902-4AB9-859A-786654F28C0A.jpeg AC331E31-2E84-47DB-81A8-59B06966989C.jpeg A0E7561C-2006-41C6-A00F-00E6EA559010.jpeg
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