Nike Penny 5 Invisability Cloak

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  1. ibomb1st


    Feb 11, 2016
    I picked up a pair of Penny 5 Invisability cloaks on eBay and didn't think much of it until I pulled them out to wear them and noticed the sole was black instead of glow in the dark. I have a new pair I compared them to and they don't look fake at all. I can't find any differences whatsoever except the color of the sole. I can't find any replicas with black soles, the only thing I found wa an article mentioning someone was selling a sample pair and they had the black sole just like mine, and the same size! Here is the link:


    I also noticed the tag had a couple differences. The date on the black soles was a few months earlier then the og new ones I have and the upc is all 9s.

    Is what I have a sample or a fake?