Nike PG 3 - OUT NOW - Price: $110-$120, NIKEID $130 - LAC BOUND


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My problem wasn't the forefoot it was the midfoot on the iridescent pair. The midsole dug up against my arch. I tried swapping insoles but still the same. I couldn't return to SP so I end up selling them. The Mamba pair doesn't have that problem though.
Correct it’s right in the arch

It became really painful I had to take em off, really confused almost though there was some plastic or something I forgot in there
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Same. I'm fine with the OG's too, but the others, including this new blue, aint bad....

Too many NASA's & PS's though. That's the thing with Nike. They can never let a moment or collab be special. From Virgil, Kaws, Jerry, Don C, Bron, etc.... They always use the same idea/shoe and either use it again or drop a ton more. It is what it is.

They're doing the whole Moon missions, that's why they're releasing so many of them, at least they're all cool. I also like the Silvers and Blues, but the OGs IMO are the best of the 3 and the ones that go with the Apollo XIII tracksuit.
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Don’t get me wrong, I actually think the silvers are clean and the blues are cool too, but damn think of something else lol. Same with the PlayStations, not that I didn’t like the other ones, just don’t overdo it
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Surprised more people didn’t post pickup pics of these. I need to see em in person but I’m kinda leaning toward scooping a pair.

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I got the FL custom box as well. No pictures because I'm away on a family emergency and my wife had to FaceTime me the box open. I'm amped because I never win anything, but shoeboxes get shoved under the bed. I also highly doubt there are only 50 of these given the listings I've seen. Maybe 50 per size. On video, shoes look great and will match almost anything. Hope my college team (Colorado) rocks these hard, especially with their silver outfit. (Sko Buffs!)


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There’s a 4th PG NASA

Should be color code -400

hopefully it’s that pair we seen earlier :nerd:
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