NIKE Poor Manufacturing and Consumer Support practices

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[h1]Boys light blue white gray NIKE AIR MAX Lebron high top basketball sport shoes[/h1]
My son is 10 years old and had to have these shoes...cost us a $140 dollars.....we got them March 2013 and the soles have since fallen apart and detached from the shoe uppers...these shoes are obviously poorly manufactured for the cost ....These shoes supposedly are covered by a 12 MONTH WARRANTY.. where do I submit  a claim? 

We've recently also made the mistake of ordering him a pair of NIKE ID Hyperdunks (for a Hefty $180 USD) which have to date not been delivered.


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Hmmmm...we've been there done results...that's WHY on forums...any other suggestions?

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yup done that......They're passing the buck and say NIKE responsible as MANUFACTURERS.....while we are stuck in the middle holding the bag (or faulty shoes as the case is here)...any thing else?...Right thing here is for NIKE to take some responsibility and replace the Kid's shoes.

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Id call again or email cause they should cover that and nike ids take a couple of weeks to arrive
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he obviously never calls. Nike have some of the best customer service reps. You just have to turn in your defect shoes and ask about the ID. both process takes about 4 weeks.

Your problem is buying $140+ kicks for a 10 year old. 


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Not sure what the issue is unless you just have some incredibly poor luck.

Nike reps should give you the number/link to do a claim. It's their job and the product warranty is still in effect.

The ID issue is something that you agreed to when ordering unless its outside of the original delivery deadline.
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