Nike Sb Staple Pigeon size 10.5-12 Price Check

Joined Jun 20, 2013
firstly, i know thats a wide range in sizes, but im desperate at this point for a pair, so ill make do. not usually my style, but whatever.

just curious if anyone knows how much i should expect to spend on these? same with the freddy sbs....if anyone knows how much they go for, im all ears. i dont want to insult someone should i find a pair. im a serious buyer, theres just a lack of sales to use as a reference. thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
Joined Mar 16, 2013
ive seen beat 9.5s go for 1800

im talking 55% stars minor creasing and some heel drag

i have seen a DS pair go for 2500 with some other samples as well but that was one of those once in a lifetime steals

i wouldnt pay more than 3k for a DS pair and i think thats a fair price
Joined Jun 20, 2013
thank you. if anyone knows where to locate anything between 11-12, hit me up! ill pay!!!
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