NIKE TALK Vol. Appreciation 2009-9999

Joined Aug 10, 2004
Knowledge, Shoe game, Point blank THE Game. Lurker since 99' so much knowledge gain from the shoe game to current events. Dirtylicious your'e my boi
Joined Dec 25, 2001
NT in general is appreciated diff ppl have a fave diff forum so i cant knock that
Joined Jul 13, 2007
THB will be on his 934,203,456,023,945,238,752,346,501,961,230,460,123,946th S/N by then

but NT is appreciated
Joined May 5, 2009
NT is appreciated

Found out about it after Nikepark wasn't working no more at the library. Was doing a search for the AJ XV back in 2000. Link to me to NT

It's like a thousand lames that got something to say if you say you remember nikepark or been lurking since back when...... It's like they get offended.

like "You knew nothing about NT back then!! It was only me! ONLY I WAS LURKING BACK THEN YOU LIAR!!!"

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