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Oct 24, 2006
Does anyone know if there is any where to cop the Nike Free 7.0 Sports Label Transformer Toys in Toronto?
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I'm pretty sure they were only released in Japan. I thought Magic Pony might have had them, but I stopped in to take a look last weekend and didn't see anything.
Freshsince1982, I would call MagicPony an equivalent of Kidrobot I guess, they've been holding down the toy scene up North for awhile now.

They have some good stuff, but I haven't been there for a while, how's the 'new' location people?
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I think the silver snail is better when it comes to collector toys, Magic Pony is too over priced....... Rocwiler2k you should call Silver Snail for the transformer, they eventually get all the toys, or try ........... which had it on for sale (sold out now), other wise your too late
wow, Silver Snail never even enteredmy mind, but yea, Magic Pony just holds it down for the Vinykl, KidRobot type toys. Silver Snail is a good recommendation.
formerly shoeWUfreak
I was going to cop my presale Optimus off of bigbadtoystore online but folded on the deal - $40 or so but with getting married next year & saving for that sort of trumps everything else.

Besides I could spend it on kicks instead lol
pmall, the toy & model store had it, I think there is one still avaiable.
it is 70 dollars. The box is much smaller than I thought, It is a very small toy, about 12cm x 7 cm at most.
yo pacific mall has these for 45 bucks each at the shop that sells the pokemon cards on the far side of the mall
they were going for $30-35 untill evryone saw them on hypebeast and started to hype them up. :smh:
I copped mine today $45 plus tax, from pacific mall... I must say they're very nice.... I had pass on them at first, but after seeing them in person I had to get them... if your into toys, you should get them before they're all gone...




pics not mine, but to show what they look like
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