Jul 13, 2004
im in san antonio tx when are you going to release these. they are much? and did you get a shirt for them? do you ship?
Sick sick sick, wait till you see what else is in store for these things.
Jumping back on the bandwagon​
I like your shop pics, and I too want to have a shop one day. I'm editing my last statement.
It just kind of pissed me off, because I used to drive 5 hours from PHX to LA every month to pick up sneakers.
If a store like Union was releasing their shoe, I'd be there. Proper released their ID's and I was there on 3 days notice. I had to change any plans I had to feed my addiction. Sometimes you don't know about sneaker drops until the last minute.

Anyways what is the guy that posted below me talking about?
LOL!! PEACE guys!!!!!
TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
Wow DunkinLo you're so cool!!!! Of course they're ID's, that fact is not hidden. What you can't get from ID is the dope extras that Chris is gonna do with these. Maybe you don't like the idea of doing a store shoe with nike ID, so be it. But you don't have to come in here trying to expose the fact that they're IDs, because really you didn't expose anything. Sorry you lost.
Jumping back on the bandwagon​
How much are they being sold for?
TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
^The shoes will go to the highest bidder, 3 day silent auction in store.
Release date yet to be announced
.....thanks AdRock
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