Nike x Undercover Daybreak

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Update: I have tried half size down in store and they too snug. So tts is a way to go (even with heel slip). Maybe i will be wearing thicker socks.
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My citron came in today. They fit much longer than my black/white pair.

Even compared them side by side and the citron looks longer too. I cut off the nub on the black pair but you can still clearly see the difference

Both sz 8.5

my post a couple pages back.

the original black/white pairs fit a big smaller than the citron. I returned the citron 8.5 and bought an 8. will update when that comes in from nike


My sz 8 (.5 down) fits perfect with the citrons.

Citrons def fits .5 bigger than the original released black/white pair
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dam. this looks even BETTER :lol::lol:

in all seriousness, try using a brush to go the opposite direction to bring the hairy nap back. don't use too much force tho.
giphy (16).gif

Geeze, first time wearing them? What is it that you do>? lol
Nah. Just regular $#@% really. Work, gym, though I'm on my feet roughly 60% of the shift. :smile:
Will definitely go at it as nylon nylon recommended.
Appreciated guys! Hope this helped some!
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ordered my TTS and had to return them, unsure if i should go down .5 or a full size now. there was almost a humb and a half of room in the front of the shoe in my TTS
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You must have gotten your TTS all messed up if you got such a huge gap.
Can;t imagine having 1 full down with these and i have nrml feet.
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My tts by default got like an inch for the ol corns.
Same with these, I meant.
Hence, "tts".
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Apologies in advance but as a dude who wears a size 14...I literally just saw that the "women's" lucky green pair is available in a 15.5...aka men's 14.

I've never purchased a women's sneaker...are they narrower than the "men's" Daybreaks or is it likely that the same last was used for all of these?
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