NIKEID - Air trainer 1 unleashed

Joined Sep 18, 2006
Originally Posted by BigLefty23

There is a post 9 pages long in the nike section.

oh really?  My bad...sorry.  I just assumed it would be in this section since it is kinda a retro/hybrid type shoe.  Mods can delete or move.  Sorry.
Joined Sep 18, 2006
I am bumping this my NIKEID came in today.  Here is my "Chlorophyl Tribute" trainer.

here are some comparos with the Retro Chlorophyl, the Maxim+1 and my creation:

Joined Oct 9, 2006
Those turned out pretty well but post these in the Nike thread were there's more discussion.
Joined May 11, 2008
Have them sat in my locker. See you went the chloro heal plate, instead of the other green. Nice.
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