Nike's New Launch Guidelines

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We believe in a level playing field for product launches on That's why we don't authorize the use of automation or scripting methods intended to offer any shopper an unfair advantage. If we determine that an order was placed using one of these methods, we may refuse or cancel the order.

To learn more, check out the Terms of Use  governing the use of, NIKE mobile applications and other NIKE products and services."

About time something has been done if you ask me. 
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Until Nike proves that their system is capable of catching/deterring people from using bots, I don't see things changing on a grand scale. And while some will be caught, it's still a crapshoot for other buyers because they won't know when pairs are reposted.
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I'm really glad they're starting to acknowledge bots, but I really don't think this will change much. Even if they cancel the orders, the shoes are sold out so we can't buy them unless we wait for a restock. A step in the right direction, but I don't think it'll make a big difference until they can actually prevent bots. I feel like fixing the problem is as simple as using one of those things where you have to type something to submit the order.


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Don't get why they can't integrate some type of captcha. Ticketmaster and other sites that are bot infested use it combat it.

It'll definitely weed out the amateur bots/scripting which 90% of people use anyways.
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This is a step in the wrong direction.

Nike seems to be really good at ******g its customers.

Just like the line system they have been using for launches, this system is only designed to hurt customers.

They can't even get their line system to work properly. I see too many people each week complaining about the "There was a problem with your request message" and losing their spot in line. I can already see similar things happening with this. People who added their pair to their cart legitimately will be mistaken for a script and may have the pair they woke up early for ripped away with no explanation other than, "We suspect that you used a script. Your order has been cancelled." message.

How can nike determine, and prove, that someone used a script? Will they be monitoring for mouse events? Will they use a timer in the page that counts how long it took for the "Add To Cart" button to be pressed?

This is nothing but another pseudo-solution to a problem that doesn't really exist. Yet again Nike designs something that will only hurt customers, rather than actually addressing the problem directly.
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