Niketalk i need your help.

Joined Feb 29, 2008
Hey NT. Im pretty new and therefore i havn't made any transactions on niketalk until now.... Unfortunately my first transaction with another NTer is going real bad (im not going to mention any names) but anyways we agreed on a trade and i agreed to ship first. I shipped my shoes out last monday and a week later he tells me that when he got the box it was opened up and the shoes were not inside... he says when he opened up the box there was only the count down pack lid and a plastic bag which i put in. I have filed a claim but im worried because i declared the shoes as 39.99 on clearance to avoid customs fees but they are really 200 plus (CDP 11s). How ever i did get 200$ insurance for them. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
Joined Apr 2, 2009
who was the NTer?

sounds like your from another country? pleasee be specific. we put in work for NT fam.

link to agreement?

sounds like the old switch-a-roo but... i don't know how your country is. everyone in cali knows that the mexican government goes through packages.... just putting that on a side note.
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