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I heard Niketalk used to pay Crank Lucas to make gifs to bring traffic to the site and when they stopped paying him, he made a fraud alert post and they banned his account and ip address.
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How you gon be a grown man on a general message board lettin another grown man moderate what you say and using words like "chatty patty"?
Don't get your britches in a bundle silly, he's just being a jolly ol' fella


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Meth isn't one person....

Its more like a few dudes...

Oneilmatt is black

kellyRep is a dude

DC is a woman

Based Jesus is Mexican

Freeze is short

Meangene is NOT trolling

Jayzz and TroyD are the same person

Lobo to my beats and kspar have access to photo shop applications that they pay for

Ksteezy is always looking to see if anyone is looking at him take picture of himself. They also have Columbian drug lord money

Rico hood got dissed by black chicks coming up

Lucky Luciano does roids and beats up people after clubs

Peep game gets girls to watch wrastling with him because they want the d that bad

Did I miss anyone?

EDIT: flyny is ninja hood

Rusty shackle ford is nice on the internet but a jerk in real life the exact opposite if 99% of internet users
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