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Joined Apr 2, 2009
i need to make a picture slideshow of about 200-300 pictures. its for a wedding

what im trying to do, is make about 5-6 chapters with 50 pictures each,

and each chapter will have a song/songs playing for the entire slideshow.

i tried windows dvd movie maker, but i can only make one large slideshow, where it divides the chapters itself.

i want to make the chapters something like "our first date', "trip to las vegas" "our night in paris" ETC.

has to be playable in DVD

what program should i use for this?? i also want something romantic as the theme for the DVD

**i want thinking as a last resort ill just use power point...
Joined Oct 7, 2007
im not too sure but i think powerpoint can do it. maybe it cant, but thats the first program that came to mind.

but other than that... i have no clue... sorry i can't help much my dude

i dont do too many slideshows.
Joined Apr 2, 2009
thanks. i have no idea if power point burns playable to dvd which is whats scaring me...
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