NikeTalk's Best....Help! DS OG Jordan XII....?

Feb 27, 2007
Hey guys, I am a long time NikeTalk reader, first time poster(so go easy on me please!) I have a DS pair of OG XII taxi's that i want to play competitive ball in. They have been stored in a cool, dry closet and have no noticable imperfections. So, can I wear them to play Ball in? Do i need to break them in first? Thanks in advance!
i know the XII's are really durable but i wouldnt play ball in them imo. Get a pair of retros.

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Dont do it fam, Dont do it.

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I don think i would want to ball in DS ones. You dont have any other shoes yo want to beat up on. XXI, XXII's, XI's X's, XIII's???
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Thanks for the heads up! Anyone else?
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Oh, I have plenty of J's to wear, but i just cant stand not playing in some of my favorite shoes. I have beem putting off wearing these for years now, and I am impatient has heck once I start thinking about something.
Un-ds them and wear them for a few days. If you feel like they can go through a game in them then lace them up.
well, from a collector's stand point I wouldn't do it but if that's what you want to do then do like JayJunkie said and break them in slowly. They're DS OGs and should be lightly worn for a few days before you play in them.
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DON'T wear them at all bruss..
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save up your bread,,and get a not so bad but good enough used pair off ebay,,save you those XII`s,,they`ll really be worth something after 2008

That would be one of the worst mistakes in your life. Even if you do walk in em, that's something completely diff. from playing competitive ball. Please don't do it, not for me, but for your emotions. Cuz if you wear em, and they break, it's liable to bring you to tears.
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Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to wear them casually and that will be it. I will probably just un-ds my Carmines instead! :wink:
just un-ds my Carmines instead!

If I had to pick , I rather un-DS those XII than the carmines.
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