No Houston Summer Summit?

sept.8, location unknown to me, @ least they're coming your way
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
ISS sucks
Everyones going to be in school September 8.
"I already did it."
There are a few parties showing interest in collaborating on the Summer 07 H-Town Sneaker Summit. We are still in early talks right now, but plan to have more information very soon so be on the look out for the official post.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage everyone to try and attend the Kixpo event in Dallas posted above. Our homies up north have been working very hard to make this one of a kind event something you definitely will not want to miss.

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if i had my own transportation i would go
iz u a hot girl if not girl cant be touchin my hot spot girl
summit = buy, sell, trade, show, and talk sneakers with other sneakerheads in houston and a few from surrounding areas.

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Just got off the phone with my man Brawnz.
We had a meeting with another interested party tonight, but I was unable to attend due to a work conflict.
Anyways, Brawnz held it down and things went smoothly.
It looks like all interested parties are down to collab on this Summers Summit.
There is already a brand new venue confirmed, and a date in mind.
Keep your calendars clear as we are aiming for an early August weekend.
If you wont be able to make the H-Town Summit in August, we highly suggest you check out Kixpo in Dallas July 28th.
Official H-Town Summer Summit 07 Post up soon.

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