Northwestern Mutual Internship


Joined May 18, 2007
I have an interview tomorrow.
I googled about it and I see some things like "scam."
Is this true?
I trust NT.
Joined Nov 29, 2006
Funny you bring this up. I attend the University of Georgia and work for a calling center that calls alumni for donations. Well I was on the phone the other night with one alumni who apparently worked for this place. She knew nothing about me other than the fact that I go to UGA. Not my major or really anything else. She asked if I had an internship for the summer and basically she almost gave me the internship over the phone. I looked into and its just a place that interns pretty much just sell insurance and they are not selective in who they hire at all because if you don't sell then they don't pay you so its not like its a prestigious job. If you think you can sell then by all means take it but I wouldn't say its the best option.
Joined Jun 24, 2004
If you're interested in a sales position ... go for it. Otherwise, stay away. I interviewed with them and they cared more about my experience with Footlocker than The Bank of New York Mellon. All that you're gonna be doing is trying to find potential clients for their financial advisors. Finally, the pay is commission based, which may or may not be appealing to you ....

Overall, it's not a great internship. That said, it's better than nothing.
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