Not Hitting Cananda?

Joined Dec 30, 2008
Hey guys, I live in the states but I am a 1/2 hour away from Montreal. I frequent through the border alot. I'm just curious on what I heard is true or not.Did either one of the retro 12's not hit Canada? The Flu game 12's or the red/white 12's?

Thanks for any info guys.
Joined Jan 12, 2005
It's true.. None of the Retro 12s hit "Cananda"...

However, on the bright side.. Both the Flu Game XII and the Red/White XII have been in Canada since their release date..

Not moving at all.. So, you should be able to get your size..

PS. I'm just kidding with the whole "Cananda" thing
Joined Jan 30, 2004
and americans claim intelligence about other parts of the world they dont even kno what next door
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