not sure if it was talked about. but.. my CG 3s...

Mar 7, 2007
My CG 3s starting to crack similar to the CG 4s. And only rocked them bout 5 times. I jus thought that I wud bring that to the attention of happy owners of the CG 3s and warn u guys. if this was brought up about the CG 3s b4 I'm sorry for posting. Later NT
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Thanks for the heads up. Iv worn mine like 30 times still in excellent condition no creasing no cracking. Very good quality and one of the best shoes i own
^^^ I agree. Really great shoe. Love them to death. Shudve got 2. Lol
NikeTalkers from 813, hola at me if u got serious heat to sell.

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it's only the paint that is cracking, not the actual midsole
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Any way to fix the problem?
NikeTalkers from 813, hola at me if u got serious heat to sell.

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^probably re-painting, is the only way to fully restore them
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jd3772000, there are a ton of ways to get the dye off your shoes...
The best way I believe would be to just get some hot water, a toothbrush and a little bit of soap and scrub gently for a while.
Another way would be to just get some rubbing alcohol, dip a corner of a towel in water, then dip it gently into the rubbing alcohol and rub away. Follow that with a little whipe down with just water this time.
And another more effective way is to get the Mr.Clean magic eraser and just scrub with that...
nothing worn 50 times is close to DS
this is turning into a sneaker care thread...can we have some pix of ur kix?
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thank god i got 2 pairs... one of my few doubles that i will actually keep

Lol. I use my sidekick 3 to browse the internet believe it or not. I'm using it now. I can't post pics anywayz cus I don't have a camera. But I can use my phone and email it to myself and post the pic but the quality wud be bad. Lol. And ill have everyone on NT flamming me. Lmfao
NikeTalkers from 813, hola at me if u got serious heat to sell.

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How did that come about? I've worn mine 6-7 times and they still look great.

*knock on wood*
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Wore mine a ton of times and I haven't experienced cracking yet. But thanks for the heads up.
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Don't really care about CG, imo, they are successful failure products.
They are successful because of people, like some of you guys, who love them.
Failure is because ALL CGs are UGLY, even my all time favorite XIs.

Problems with JB now is, stupid colorways like LS and crappy material that makes shoes cracks and squeek and many more.
I have not had any problems yet and this is one of the few shoes I got doubles of. I love grey and I love 3s. If you are looking for a size 13....
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