NT: Anyone ever been to key west?

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So next week my girl and I are taking a little vacation to Key West. Ive nver been there and I was wondering if anyone had any tips such as what to dothere, places to go eat, things to do see etc. Ill probably also make a stop in Miami. Does anyone know of any ggod sneaker spots?
Thanks in advance.

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I spent a couple of days there in February.

Honestly, I found it a bit disappointing. Much of it can really only be characterized as a trashy tourist trap. Those into bar hopping would probably have agreat time, though.

You'll want to visit Sunset Pier and Mallory Square while you're there and catch at least one sunset. Duval Street is pretty much the main drag, whereyou'll find most of the bars, restaurants, and about fifty identical tasteless t-shirt shops. You can also spend some time at the southernmost beach inthe continental US. The southernmost point is a popular photo op.

I was never a big Hemingway fan, but the Hemingway house is a very popular tourist destination. Other historical sites of interest include the "LittleWhite House," best known as Harry Truman's presidential retreat. It was there he signed executive order 8802, which required federal defensecontractors to hire minorities.

You can also ride on a wooden tall ship, go snorkeling, or take a kayaking tour.

There was a vegan friendly restaurant on Southard, maybe a block or two north off Duval, called "The Cafe, A Mostly Vegetarian Place," that waspretty good and had a diverse menu. That's definitely my restaurant pick for Key West.

If you're driving down to Key West from Miami, you may want to stop off at Big Pine Key and visit the key deer refuge. Key deer are basically miniaturedeer - a fully grown adult stands about two feet tall and weighs between 45 and 75 pounds. While they are quite docile and almost as accustomed to people as,say, a squirrel or a pigeon, they should still be observed from a respectful distance. Unfortunately, people tend to encroach on their habitat, which isespecially costly in that key deer remain highly endangered. The preserve is essentially the only place you'll find key deer in the wild. I was fortunateenough to come across one on No Name Key, which is a short distance from Big Pine Key. If you stop by the Big Pine Key visitor's center, they can tell youwhere you have the best chance of sighting key deer.

You can also go kayaking at the park in Key Largo, which is the first Key you'll drive through. It's a nice way to break up the drive, if you'reso inclined, and it's certainly less expensive than kayaking in Key West.

Have a great trip.
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Method summed it up very well there's really nothng to add. If you do go down I recommend you go snorkeling, especially if you've never been.
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As an alternative to Key West, you can also look into visiting one of the islands off the east/west coast of Florida, like Marco Island, Captiva Island, etc.Although I've never been there, I've heard good things about them.


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Originally Posted by jordanb1989

Any Miami sneaker spots?
shoe gallery is the most popular one
soles inc, is cool....its on south beach
and they got another one(forgot the name) by the us1 flea market..but i don't suggest you go there
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I live about 10 minutes from US1 flea market, I don't recommend going anywhere near there.

Key West is a one day thing unless you've never been to the Caribbean. Drink, walk around, buy crappy souvenirs and go on tours. Bahamas would probablyhave been a better destination or better yet Virgin Islands. If you aren't interested in any historical spots and like it quiet I would agree with hittingsome of those coastal Florida islands or a gulf coast city like Sarasota (just make sure there aren't any biker conventions in town).

Miami Beach -> Lincoln Road. Stretch of shops and restaurants mostly for tourists, nice walking around area. Not far from the water either on South Beach.Visit Pizza Bar 16th and Collins right next to the Loews hotel, best NY Pizza in Miami.
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the Keys are gorgeous. Ive been back there twice and I like it much much more than Miami. If you are the type that likes to relax and enjoy the scenary thenyou will like it.
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