NT brethren giving >>>>>> getting

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So today after i got off work i went down to the Y n lift as usual when I figured id shoot some hoops since it was a perfect day outside.  I do this prolly 2-3 times a week, pretty much anytime im off by 5ish.  Coincidentally around 6 o clock is generally the time the kids come from Adelphoi Village which is basically a mentoring program for inner city kids that kid in trouble but show potential in school and what not... so ive been hoopin with these lil ninjas pretty much all summer and had noticed the one kid alwayssss rockin cargo shorts n jean shorts n stuff to hoop... i ragged on him about it a lil in he played it off real sweet like it aint even bother him... so as time goes on i realize homie is alwayssss hoopin in his school clothes

well the last time i saw dude (prolly 2 weeks ago) i decided I was gunna bring some shorts for him so I grabbed 2 pairs of old shorts (some NC jordan shorts with deck stain on them and another pair of old j shorts) and threw them in the back of the whip...

fast forward to today... im out there hoopin in the van pull up so we get some pickup games crackin n what not n towards the end im like yo Murph dont leave till i holla at u son..
as there walkin out im like yo i brought some old shorts for u to keep at the spot so u aint gotta sweat out ur school stuff n as im sayin this i remembered I also keep a pair of beater lebron iv's n the trunk in case im caught somewhere witout ankle support
so im like yo you know what matter of fact i got these kicks for u too...

the smile on sons face was priceles... son litterally hugged me. i dunno bout yall but for me as a young black man its pretty damn rare to be huggin another young black dude
it was

i felt so good about  myself i decided to make this post and oddly enough at the same exact time  a random biddie tryna holla on FB... instan karma FTW
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That was very kind of you, but I would keep something like that to myself. People oftentimes look for instant gratification after committing a random act of kindness. If you do a good deed from your heart, let it be and keep pushing without looking for something in return. I don't believe in Karma by the way.
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just remember in the situation with the jump-off...getting > giving

but props bro. it feelsgoodman to actually help out others in need.
not like the people who feel that all they have to do is repost a FB status like that matters...
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That was awesome. There are so many things he will be able to take away from that. He now knows that someone cares and that there are kind hearted people out there still.
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Do you really talk like this?

Originally Posted by JewSeeJay

towards the end im like yo Murph dont leave till i holla at u son..
Back on topic: Props fam. It's always great to help the less fortunate
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