NT computer geeks: Is there a way to thumbnail images in Microsoft Word????

Oct 14, 2004
Im trying to figure if there is a way to thumbnail images in word. I have some pictures I want to insert into a word document but they are too large, and Iwant to have it to where you can click on a slightly smaller image and have that image expand without completely ruining the formatting of the word document. Sort of like how you have facebook pics or whatever that you can make larger when you click on them.

cliff notes:
do tell...

and when I say hyperlink, i see where you can thumbnail an image and have that image hyperlinked into opening the larger image in a browser, but I'm tryingto just have the larger image shown in word. to the point where even if I wasnt connected to the internet I could see the larger image....

is that what you were saying hence the word "tweaked"?
why are you doing this?

you can only put images in word or links, I don't think you can do the web page style like you want.
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