NT favor for a favor...i need 250 fans on facebook. (NO WALE)

Joined Oct 26, 2008
ok the jig is up

i'm 25 and i'm a pretty well known local dj in michigan.
i had over 6000 facebook friends and my account was flagged

i recently had to start over this month after i verified identity but i didn't get my friends back

and had to start a new fan page

i know a slew of "celebrity" nt members unfortunately one has passed away ( check sig)...but as an incentive
if i reach 250+  fans by friday, i'll post  i'll post a NEVER SEEN BEFORE WALE and KID CUDI
interview aknowledging their NT NAMES and dicussing NIKETALK and "METHOD MAN" (NT ADMIN)

here's the link and a little proof


p.s. if i ever get as big as WALE i will should you guys out and pay homage...he prety much dissed NT in the vid i have
Joined Oct 26, 2008
Originally Posted by Hugo

NT never seizes to amaze me...one thread i'm told to log off until i post pics.
NOW i do NT one better and just come clean about my identity and i'm told to stop posting?

dudes are girls for real, jealous type
Joined Feb 26, 2005
We know Wale's name though. And if we found out CuDi's NT name, he'd catch hate and then probably deactivate his account, much like he did his Twitter.
Joined Apr 25, 2005
Here's a nice PM that I got from OP, supreme math:

this idiot posted that desecration on DeadMau5 with some !*+$%# Drake vocals on youtube.

please vote whether it's "hot or not" to shut this guy up.

I believe DeadMau5 would probably go to jail for beating this kid with his own Macbook for
creating that monstrosity of a mashup .


I'm gonna pass on being a fan of you.
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