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So I am trying to raise money for cancer research... and it turns out most people aren't willing to donate for anything but would much rather spend it on their personal self.  For example, most people would rather bet $10 dollars on a game of black jack rather than donating it to find a cure for cancer.  Why is this? It seems as if people just don't care.  
I'm testing my luck with NT.  I need donations.  It's for the American Cancer Society.  

link: https://secure3.convio.net/tacs/sit...1&FR_ID=25703&PROXY_ID=13905223&PROXY_TYPE=20

Thanks.  And if you didn't donate, at least be aware that breast cancer alone affects 1 in 8 women, and prostrate cancer alone affects 1 in 6 men.  Chances are, you may know someone who has/had any form of cancer.  
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Hey this is for a great cause.
I myself was raising money for cancer research.
It's a great cause but very difficult to raise money. Here are some tips that will help you out.

1. Do fundraisers. I did a "Drink for Charity" event at a local bar. Collect funds at the door to get reduced fees on drinks. This is the easiest way to raise money. You can make anywhere between $200-$300 on one event for a couple of hours. If you do them every 2-3 weeks, you start to raise a good amount of money.

2. Hold raffles. As you said, people aren't willing to donate money but they will spend it on something they like. Do exactly that. Give them something they like. Get in contact with companies and ask if they are willing to donate something. Go to your local gym and ask if they can donate 3 months - 1yr membership and raffle it off.
When I did it, I was going to raffle off sneakers here on NT until the person donating fell through
But I was able to get some cool stuff. I got a scuba outfit, an autograph basketball from an NBA team, some suits (which I'm actually looking into donating to young adults who can't afford it)
This may be your best bet as people will make a donation if they are getting something in return. And believe it or not, companies are actually willing to donate something you can raffle off.

3. You have to go into detail about what you're raising money for. I went onto your site, and it really doesn't tell me much. Make a blog detailing what you're doing.

I was about to donate until I read "2010 Stevens Pass Hope on the Slopes."
Is this your way of going on a free ski trip??????
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no it's not a way of going on a free ski trip. I already have a season's pass (which I paid for). In fact, there's a $10 registration that I had to pay to actually participate in the event. The event is a 24 hour snowboard/ski challenge to see who can accumulate the most vertical feet in that 24 hours. I am participating with the Husky Snowboard team from the University of Washington.

But those ideas are great, especially the second one. I just wish I could have done that sooner, since the event is this weekend. I was just talking to my sister about how to get people to donate. My sister said she had the same problem when she tried getting people to donate, so I thought I'd come to NT for help. I was only able to get $100 from friends and family (most of it was from my family and I)

Part of the reason why I am doing it is to help people become more aware of cancer and how common it is. Many people don't realize it until it affects someone close to them. One example is breast cancer. Breast cancer risk can be reduced so greatly just by wearing bras less often (and not in your sleep). Also, women should be checking for signs of breast cancer so they can fight it off early.
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