NT I need help!

Joined Jun 18, 2008
Long story short the touch screen on my palm pre doesn't work and I'm trying to look @ my missed calls because I needa number from that list but I cant access my call log...and on the sprint website it does not show missed calls when you look up your call log....someone help please!
Joined Nov 28, 2009
Originally Posted by AdobeCS4

Don't worry. She called and cancelled your date /thread

I don't think there is any way to recover that # unless they call back and you answer
Joined Mar 8, 2004
how long has the touchscreen not worked? I have the pre and im on my fourth one,,,all replaced because of problems on their end. go get a new one pronto
Joined Mar 8, 2004
they will replace it no questions asked if you have insurance, the phone breaks constantly

try here: precentral.net
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