NT, let's talk about leaving tips at restaurants.

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I know for a fact that I'm a weak tipper, and I really don't try to be one. I'm just a poor college student that can't shell out more than a few bucks extra.

Some servers really get bent out of shape over this whole thing. What do you think? Word on the street is apparently 18%.
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Originally Posted by Megatron187em

another tipping thread?

anyways i tip 25%

40 if im with a female
That doesnt make sense, if youre paying she should never see the bill let alone how much you tip

i hit licks

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It's because a waitress or waiter salery depends on how much you tip.

My girl works @ outback and only makes about 3.00$ an hour because they include tips
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Originally Posted by COOLnificent

I tip 100% of the bill 100% of the time, I am an NTer after all


Because I live in NYC and the tax is nearly 9%, I tip minimum double the tax. If the tax is say, $4.15, I would probably give $10.

It varies depending on how well they actually served.

Servers shouldn't complain about anything over 15% IMO. I don't see how they are getting "stiffed".
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i tip bartenders good, cuz i usually try to make a connection if i know ima be coming back,
tipping is not mandatory, and its earned, bad service = bad tip , dont care how hot the chick is,
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