NT men (female opinions welcome too) , lets discuss body grooming

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Alright NT can we keep this mature, I know there's gonna be jokes and $#% that's cool. But onto the topic, now I'm a pretty hairy individual 
I obviously keep my junkular area & chest/stomach cleaned up but I have hairy legs, thighs etc. Chicks don't seem to mind it but sometimes looking in the mirror I get a little
so my question NT is do yall shave/wax your body, leave it alone & let it ride, trim it?  

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to make up for any ayo-ness in the thread & for anyone that helps a gift
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ew, yes. take that picture off. her face looks like a little girl. anyway, i'd leave the rest of the body hair alone. just groom your junk and abdomen area
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i just groom the junk and thats it i leave my arms,legs and all that other stuff alone
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im a hairy dude so i've always wondered too, i just keep the junk in check and its usually all good
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i used to shave my chest/stomach but its not even worth it, girls dont mind it and its just annoying to have to take care of all the time
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I remember when I was younger I shaved a part of my thigh haha. I'm hairy for an asian guy but I just do my junk area. My girlfriend and ex's never had a problem with it. I just know girls don't prefer my beard though.
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OP i feel ur pain im OD haiy also, wat i do is use a hair trimmer and trim my leg hair shorter probly about a 2 this makes it loook less disgusting. It takes mad long to do this if you do ur entire legs but its worth it. I actually do the same or my lower arms and shave my upper arms. I shave my chest and trim my stomach also
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i was wonder too , im not hairy really any where but my legs . So would be in my best interest to get every to around one length ??
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Trim but I leave legs arms alone and as for chest "bird never makes a nest in an empty tree"
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I dont shave my chest, i use to think the same OP but i got over it and the chicks didnt mind. They forget about all that.

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If that girls 12 ...

Im really hairy.

I trim my legs in the summer, maybe once a month.

#1 clip all the way around.

big j 33

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Good article over at The Art of Manliness about body hair


Do you remember that part in The 40 Year-Old Virgin where Andy (Steve Carell) goes to a salon and gets his chest waxed? The camera focuses on his face as he screams and yells out a string of obscenities while strip after strip of hair is ripped from his body. I don’t remember much about that movie. But I remember that part getting a huge reaction from the audience (myself included). Like many other guys, there is something about watching other men in non-life-threatening pain that makes me laugh- no matter how emotionally mature or “well-rounded
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You post in the WDYWT thread, right?

You own a pair of OL I's, right?

If so, shave those legs with no ayo.
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My legs and lower abs are hairy as he.ll but I dont have much hair on my arms and no hair at all on my chest. I dont give a damn...I'm never shaving any of my body hair other than my penor area.

Women dont mind body hair as long as you dont look like a gorilla.
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During the summer I use nair for my upper body. I shave my junk and armpits.
I have hairy legs so i trim it with a one clip.

From May - Sept I use nair about 3 times during this period. It leaves a clean look and it takes longer to grow in.
But you have to really soak yourself in the shower after using it and immediately clean your shower once you're done.
Nair leaves a horrible smell, but it's the most effective thing out (at least for me)


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i wax the hair off my legs....believe it or not, the ladies love my nice toned un-hairy legs.
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