NT please help with airline ticket discount

Joined Aug 3, 2004
hello nt there alot of peeps here with great discount can somebody hook me up with airline ticket for this weekend to go from ny to dallas to visit one of myfriends who just came back from iraq, he is only here for 1 week then going back, i have tried all the orbitz expedia but none cheaper than 400 as a collegestudent i def don't have that much, i will travel standby can somebody plz look out thanks

putting in work

Joined Nov 10, 2007

You're asking for a hookup for free which I don't think most would help you with... except maybe me...

Next, if you do get buddy passes to fly from someone, won't be me because I'm all out, you're going to have to fly standby...

Last, it will be next to impossible to fly standby during Memorial Day weekend unless it's a crappy Airline...

Good Luck!
Joined Apr 24, 2003
It'll be really hard to find something cheaper than that because of it being Memorial Day weekend.
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