NT: Post some funny album skits

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I know theirs some Cds that i'll proabably never get around to hearing in this lifetime, let alone skits, so post some of your favorites.......
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The first thing that came to my mind was the skit on The King with Mike Epps. The break up.

"And then had the nerve, you had the nerve to go get yo hair cut down low like a _...
&^$@$ yo head look like a dirty tennis ball now!!!"

"You the only !#$%& I know right now to this day dat take a pair of dirty pants
out tha clothes hamper and iron 'em till they look like blue leather
pants, _ just iron chicken stains and jelly stains all in the !@# of da pants..."

"!@#$% how you gon have me killed with $439 a month?! (Somebody need to have you killed ol sorry @#$.)
$%^&* if you have me killed you gettin kicked out the house, period!"


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Yo, Yo god, word is bond, Yo! Shameeq just got bust'd in his head two times god!
(Word to Mother)
Word life God! You know +*!#%@ Shameeq from +*!#%@ 212 god!
Meth: Y-Yeah
Ghost (GZA): $!%%$ just got bucked! $!%%$'s in the blackland god, word is bond.
Came through god, from out of nowhere god!
Word is bond, Im comin to get my Culture Cipher (40) god.
Word is bond, CRAZY shots just went the !@+@ off god!
($++**+ let off crazy shots b)
The $!%%$ layin there like a +*!#%@ newborn +*!#%@ baby, god!(Word Up)
Meth: Is he dead?
Ghost (Deck): (Is he- What the !@+@ kinda question is that, B?!)
Is he de- What the !@+@ do you mean is he +*!#%@ dead guy?!('!@+@ you think?!)
The $!%%$ layin there with his +*!#%@, all types of +*!#%@ blood comin out of his fu-
(Izze Izze Izzee DED?)
Joined Sep 17, 2008
Biggies skit on Life After Death when the girl asks him to $%*$ on her

Philly Cheese Steak skit on Eve's First Lady cd

Dr. Dre skit before %!!$ You on Chronic 2001, where he busts on the girls face

Eminem skit on MMLP when ICP is topping off Ken Kaniff

Ludacris skit on Back For the First Time where girl leaves voicemails and tickets are sold out to the concert, and on Word Of Mouf where white people aresinging lyrics to his songs

Kanye Broke Phi Broke skits

All of Redman's Soopaman Luva skits, especially the ones from Malpractice
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The crackhead skit on Supreme Clientele.

"Throw it out the window Sue, SUUUUUZZZZZZAAAAAAAYYYYYY"
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$20 Sack Pyramid = GOAT

@ the Philly Cheese Steak @!%% I probably listened to that 50 times back in the day
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Originally Posted by WE GET MONEY

$20 Sack Pyramid = GOAT

@ the Philly Cheese Steak @!%% I probably listened to that 50 times back in the day

I dont know how many people actually listened to murphy lee album but the skits on there had

Awww Man, Speakin Of Baby Mommas, How Many, How Many Kids You Got Dawg, Man,
#!#@, Nephew I Got Fo'. Four? Fo' Kids 5 Baby Mommas Man. Im Trippin. Naw Man, You Lucky.
Aww #!#@, Lucky Man, How May Kids You Got? Man, I Got Kids Like A Good Hand Of Spades.
A Good Hand Of Spades? Yea. 6 And 2 Possibles. Man, I Go To Court For Child Support And He
Aks Me Do I Wanna Go Bored? I Say Yea. He Talkin About U Cant Make One Mo'? I Say I Donno,
U Prolly End Up Settin Me.
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Originally Posted by WE GET LIVE

"Roaches In the Chicken"

Our roaches ain't even that color ... the roaches we have are brown.
"Look I'm tryna offer you a $10 voucher orsomething but that's all you gonna get."
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Drag-on - Shaquita and Wheelchair dude wit rims skit

Busta When Distater Strikes - Cab ride skit.

My CD's wont play, and I cant find the skits in mp3. I quote these all the time.
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Oh and a lot of OutKast skits are funny as hell on the low. Esp. the ones on Idlewild.
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I want 4 chopped chicken wings

With MAAAAAAAAD Ketchup, and the Iced Tea.... the big !@%# no *#+*

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