NT Recommend me a Navy Sneaker

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These Navy/White Blazers I've had since last summer are almost beat and I just can't seem to find any good Navy sneaks. I might cop the Pinstripeblazers or Air Max 180 Olympics. Just recommend me some quality sneaks please...
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my jordunk oly VIs
my air jaqs

*buy these from me* lol

idk to be honest. nothing navy out that i know of.
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Originally Posted by ElijahDukes

Originally Posted by Magic1978

Mail Nike a thousand letters begging Nike to retro the True Blue III's
i thought they are being retroed this year?
theyre not navy either way
It's a rumor, that looks like a no go
And, close enough

OP, mail them anyway
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Do what I do and wear Timbs

but when I do, I have some Air Trainer III's and my Olympic VII's

I wish Nike would retro the white/blue Uptown highs again
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i forgot i even had the oly 7s..

i was holding them til the 2008 olympics in beijing.. only i didn't end up going. haha.

oh well.. may have to break those out this summer.
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low top navy chucks ain't really a bad idea but everybody in philly wears, the olympic VIIs are possible but thats gonna cost me. There def. has been alack of navy sneaks lately.
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Originally Posted by SylvesterMcGrizzly

Navy canvas supreme af1's...
^ my first though. i wore mine two weeks ago...and spilled some crap on them.
. I got a backup pair stashed though.

They've got a wht/navy AF1 out & those wht/navy/gray AM1's. You've got options. Just depends on how much navy you want in the shoe.

I wear navy daily so I've got just about every color variation you can think of based around navy
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Nike Cortez were on sale at the outlets, saw some pairs for 39.99 yesterday. Solid summer pickup IMO
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Originally Posted by SylvesterMcGrizzly

Navy canvas supreme af1's...
good suggestion, I like those. i have the maroon ones. I need to get the blue ones and the black ones...

there's dark obsidian/white air max 90s, and those new supreme air force 1's with the halfway elephant pattern on them, but they're both prettydark for navy...

if you're trying to ball out, there's navy/white/silver aj1's...

any old olympic release. there's quite a few air max, there's the barkely 180s, air max bw's, there's the aj vii as mentioned, the air max180s you mentioned...

there's a couple different AM95s from the past with a predominantly navy upper, but they're impossible to find and expensive when you do find'em...

OH, and these apparently just dropped and I'm definitely getting myself a pair as soon as they go on sale, but the AJ1 high strap in midnightnavy/white/red, those look nice. I think they're canvas too. that would be a good $75 or less pickup...

and last but not least, you can always make something on nike iD. they have "ink blue" on the air max 90s and I think it comes out a little lighterthan navy blue, but still in that same range of darker blue.
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Originally Posted by jonnydpgc

Here ya go and they just came out too

right after i saw this thread i went looking and actually copped a pair f those...real clean
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