#NT Shutdown Speculation Vol. Answers NAOW

Joined Jan 3, 2005
Someone started a horse faced lie about
NT getting shut down. I myself along w/ many
Others would like to kno how this unfathomable
Rumor came about and is there any truth to it?
Joined Jul 19, 2008
The mods are getting tired of paying money out of their own pocket to keep the site running.
Joined Oct 12, 2008
i heard that steve payed dirty and meth 50,000 for the rights to the site

they still get mod privelages tho
Joined Feb 5, 2009
I think YUKU was acting up and someone may have jokingly posted that they thought NT had shut down,but that's it...............as far as I know.
Joined Jun 20, 2008
From what I heard, Jrose was the soul owner of Niketalk. And ever since he has been banned, he has been threatening to close the site for good.

-The Juice
Joined Oct 7, 2007
uhhh i doubt NT will be shutdown.

we do on ther other hand need a dedicated server to run the forums on.
Yuku is buns.

we need vBB or invisionboard or something. only problem is, those would be vulnerable to hackers.
Joined Jan 3, 2005
Originally Posted by Nktran001

The mods are getting tired of paying money out of their own pocket to keep the site running.
Makes sense, but don't people donate?
I think if they pushed the issue enough
A lot of members would put up $5 to keep
It up.
Now the server issue is something else. Yuku
Been dead wack. There's many other servers,
On the same level or better, but they might not
Be able to handle NT.
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