nt sup with this refreshing issue or is it just me

Joined Sep 22, 2007
everytime i refresh a thread i get sent back to niketalk.com instead of remaining in the same thread or general 
anyone else? im using chrome btw 
Joined Jul 8, 2011
i was using explorer, and it was working fine.

then i went to chrome to test it out, and it wasn't working. I think it has to do with the address not changing (it stays at niketalk.com)


formerly retrosan
Joined Dec 15, 2010
it might be chrome, it just says niketalk.com and doesnt even tells me if im in General

but i refresh just fine
Joined Oct 15, 2000
Same thing began happening to me as of last night as well (both Chrome and Firefox). The URL bar permanantly stays as 'niketalk.com' regardless of what page you are on, so when you refresh, it takes you back to the home page. Very annoying.
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