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Mar 17, 2007
sup guys,

im thinking of being a teacher..elementary to be exact...can anybody gimme any info about the job? The pros/cons?

Thanks NT!
Feb 22, 2008
^^ Why is NT so damn pessimistic? Anyway, I not a teacher but my mom is. I say do it. You'll make an impact on someone's life. Whether its positive ornegative . Teach for the love. The kids will bring you something new everyday and year.


Nov 22, 2008
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I don't think there are any real pros to being a teacher.

Except that 2 month paid vacation.

i think that depends on the state..i saw one of my teachers in high school selling hot dogs in yankee stadium during august
Jul 13, 2007
i believe dalisto is an Art teacher in an elementary school. PM him. I think there is a PE teacher here too
Jun 29, 2003
dont be a high school teacher you might get arrested for sleeping with a student
Apr 4, 2008
I've been thinking a lot lately trying to get a job teaching while trying to be a writer. It'd have to be HS though, and I'd probably get fired.
Mar 31, 2007
I'm a Middle School teacher. I say do it.

Pros: Good work environment, make a difference with the students you reach, pretty good hours and pay, steady field to get into with this crappy economy, lotsof room for advancement, something new each year, good benefits/retirement system, Being a positive role model for the youth to look up to, they may not say itbut lots of the kids admire
teachers, sadly some of them spend more time with teachers than they do their own parents

Cons: Some parents can be difficult to deal with, some kids just don't care, discipline issues etc.
Some kids can be annoying, after working with them, meeting their parents and seeing the home life these kids have you get a better appreciation foreverything you have and
figure out other ways to connect with these type of kids.

I just finished my first year and the pros far outweigh the cons. Like krazy88s said if you make a difference in one kids life it feels like a greataccomplishment.
Getting you college education is the easy part, I learned more the first 9 weeks of student teaching than I did in any education class.
The first year is pretty challenging because you are starting from scratch, but you learn what works well and what doesn't making each following yearbetter.
I went through an Internship Program in KY called KTIP where you have a supervising teacher that helps you out, it was very beneficial.

Take some education classes and see what you think. My first education class we had to observe elementary, middle and high school for 10 hours each.
I enjoyed the middle school atmosphere the best and chose to pursue Middle Grades Education Math & Social Studies.
Give it a shot if you don't enjoy the classes you can always choose another major.
Apr 2, 2007
You just really have to be passionate about it and have a thing for kids. Especially in elementary.
I was an assistant for 2 years working with 4th graders. And with just that much experience I know it's not the job for me.

Like said before the biggest pro is making a difference in or an impact on some child's life.
The cons...
May 3, 2007
unfortunately unless you have a very strong character your experience will change drastically depending on the school and the area. I taught high school in arelatively calm environment, the kids were financially very low middle class suburban and there problems just like anywhere but at the end of the day they weregood kids and if you can master the psychology you don't have to dig to deep to find the good in them. there are some areas where no matter what the kidsare about they won't respect you, the system or anything else.

I gave up on high school teaching (not that it was ever going to be my career) and I'm on my way to college teaching. Not because of the kids...I foundthat the public school system is too institutionalized for my taste, you expect it to some degree but every teacher in the school seemed content to hustle thekids in and hustle them out, sweep problems under the rug and get them graduated ASAP. There were very few teachers there that wanted to actually teach, unlikethe high school I attended. Overall taming the students and keeping yourself immune from your environment are the biggest challenges. There's a honeymoonperiod where you really have a passion for getting the kids to learn, it's very intrinsically rewarding but it can also disappear very quickly ifyou're not careful and you'll end up being another mean old grinch teacher.

Watch season 4 of The Wire (HBO show) on DVD. It has really good insight into the inner city school system and shows that reward/punishment isn't alwaysthe best way to handle students. It shows the good and the bad.
Nov 21, 2007
after volunteering with kids for a while.. i realized... i could do this for the rest of my life... and decided to go back to school for teaching... childhoodeducation
let's see how that goes
Nov 19, 2008
Originally Posted by infamousod

Watch season 4 of The Wire (HBO show) on DVD. It has really good insight into the inner city school system and shows that reward/punishment isn't always the best way to handle students. It shows the good and the bad.

Just finished it. Made me want to do Teach For America that much more.
Mar 31, 2007
I graduated from Western Kentucky University, with a Bachelor's in Middle Grades Education focusing on Math and Social Studies.

I got a job at the same school I did my student teaching at. It is the next county over from where I live, we have 600 total students and its mostly middle andlower class families.

It is a rural community, we took a bus ride around the county on Tuesday to see where some of are kids live, it was very eye-opening for me.

I love the staff I work with, but eventually I want to be a guidance counselor or teach at the local community college or teach at the county schools that Iattended.

In KY you only have to put in 27 years and get great retirement benefits plus your sick days add up each year and they will buy them when you retire.

I know some older teachers that are retiring with 200 or more sick days and get something like $300 for each sick day.
Apr 15, 2008
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Watch season 4 of The Wire (HBO show) on DVD. It has really good insight into the inner city school system and shows that reward/punishment isn't always the best way to handle students. It shows the good and the bad.

Just finished it. Made me want to do Teach For America that much more.

that is realistic.....but think of all the hell some teachers got from kids.
May 3, 2007
^ true depending on the state you have to keep doing recertification and/or master plan points every few years, it's a constant thing.

if you plan correctly and develop a system you can minimize how much time is spent working outside of school.
Jun 6, 2004
I've graduated already with a business degree but I've always had teaching in the back of mind. I use to work at after school programs around mycollege and enjoyed it so I'm going back to school to get my certification in early childhood education...hopefully land a gig as a 4th or 5th gradeteacher soon.
Apr 19, 2005
I am a Social Studies 7-12 teacher..in NYS

Right now i am lookin for social studies positions and applyin everywhere in NY..it's tough..

I am currently an Adult Education/GED Instructor..prolly will b hired full-time next year..and i love what i do..i teach students that never got there HighSchool Diploma..and there all older than me..so it's different..no behavioral issues whatsoever..just a lotta learnin disabilities..

Pros of Teaching:

The Joy of seein students achieve
Interactin with kids/adults in my case
Great benefits
Ability to change lives through education

Cons of Teaching:

Honestly, there are none..if you are goin to b a teacher..you love the entire profession..the good and the bad..
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