NT, what are the chances I caught the swine flu....

Mar 19, 2006
I haven't been here in a while so don't know if there's a million posts. I'll sum it up.
My boy has been REALLY sick lately.
Yesterday was the opening night for our Club and we were having a charity event.
I drank after his rockstar drinks the whole night without thinking.
Was sick prior.
Now, have a clogged throat, TIRED, a new !#!$**@ from all the dhiarea (sp?) and %%*@% i've been taking, i'm out of it and am SICK.
Should I go to the docs tomorrow?
im lightweight scared of getting the swine flu. i guess there's been 3 reported cases on campus...

I thought I had it this morning...

but I had everything EXCEPT sore throat and diarrhea.

Just go to the doctor and get checked out.
Anyone can have sore throart and diarrhea 1. You have a cold and ate something that is gonna make you leak, OH SNAP.
All he's asking is if he should get checked. No need for the RIP's and jokes. Ummmm I don't know to much about it but get checked out. Wouldn'twanna spread it without knowing.
"RIP" has became classic on NT

All jokes aside, get checked out homie but dont panic...media making swine flu bigger than it is..
Yeah just get it checked out. It's probably just a regular flu and not even the Lechon Flu.
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