~NT, What are you like when it comes to the girls? Vol. Poll.. ~

Joined Feb 28, 2007
i'm curious to know how most people are in their approach to females. pick one that describes you best..

A) you avoid longterm relationships, and mostly talk your way into easy hook-ups with multiple females. a lot of people consider you to be dishonest, or aplayer. your "count" is high.

B) you are mostly in longterm relationships. as a result, you rarely/never have random hook-ups. however, you still find a lot of pleasure in companionship.


which one are you, and how do you feel about it?


i feel like most guys are in the "B" category, but desire to be in the "A" category. i made this post because i was basically in the"B" category a year ago, but i started to wild out and slipped into "A".. as a result, my reputation in some circles is taking a hit,because even though i'm not a bad guy i feel like i've possibly done some people dirty... i want to get out there and have fun, but i don't likethe type of person i'm becoming. you feel me..
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Im scared of STDs - no lie - sex is great - but i find it hard to trust girls - though one should use a condom during intercourse- does one really use a condomdurig foreplay? you can get STDs from other sexual actions - and i worry about that - so my desire to be in category A is hindered quite a bit


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When I first approach A.

when she tells me no then B.

when she says no again C.
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Originally Posted by JayHood23

I would be classified as A. I just cant commit.
[color= rgb(204, 153, 0)]cosign[/color]
[color= rgb(204, 153, 0)]A and C combined... I talk to hella girls but just never wanna smash and can't competecuz I feel like relationships just don't last...[/color]
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A with a current streak of C

I've only met 2 girls I'd want to have a relationship with... one in high school who I couldnt work up the courage to ask out
, and the last shot me down
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Not gunna even lie- C

Being self-conscious, having a major fear of rejection and lack of people skills FTL.
I know that If I would loosen up getting girls wouldnt be a problem at all but its easier said than done
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A) i avoid longterm relationships (because i am afraid of getting hurt/ can't find anyone worth it)
B) i never have random hookups because i'd prefer companionship
Joined Apr 25, 2004
Originally Posted by DOWNTOWN43

B) you are mostly into longterm relationships. as a result, you rarely/never have random hook-ups. however, you still find a lot of pleasure in companionship.
well...i just realized this question was for guys but i answered it anyway
Joined May 14, 2007
I have too going on to be in a serious relationship right now, but I found a like-minded female for some occasional safe, NSA fun.

However my "number" isn't high at all, so I guess I'm sort of a mix of A and B.
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