NT what can I do to save these '99 Cement IV?!?

Oct 19, 2001
I got these off eBay a while back for cheap and I need to bring them back to life.

The white part of the midsole was piss yellow but I used shoe polish to take care of that. I need to clean up a few areas but thats not really a problem.

The grey cement section is giving me trouble. Im really not sure what I can do to save it. I was thinking about painting it, but the tones of grey are super hard to match up!

Would angelus paint work on the midsole, or would it not really adhear to the surface?

NT help me out!



Honestly the white paint you added to them makes them look worse because you'll never get the leather, the stiching or under the netting to be that clean again... With pants on they won't look too bad... Just rock them and beat the hell out of them!!!! =)

Bit alittle tip... My pair under the netting looked like crap but the rest of the shoes were nice so i took the laces out and sprayed some stain remover on the shoes and then put them in the washing machine and then let them air dry and they came out ALOT better then I thought they were going to!!!!
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Yeah, but you have got to understand how BAD they were before.

I mean they were brown/yellow. I would rather have white than that.

Sooo.... Should I sand down the midsole in order to get the paint to apply easier or is there another method?
I'd spray stain remover on the netting areas and the stiching and put them in the washing maching before you paint anything else and see where you stand with the basic shoe... then you can see how good or bad they will look... If I got those i would wear them to beat and have paint drips and all kinds of crap all over them just so people think I'm a Dlck... kinda like what i did to my OG Grapes... LOL

You say I'm not The "E"??? You wanna make a bet???
if there a size 10 i'll take them off our hands save your the trouble :wink:
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Ha thanks for the advice guys. This is my 3rd pair of Cements so its not vital for me to save them.

I will probably throw them in the washer with stain remover and see where i stand.

They are a size 11.5 for the record.
lol those grapes make those IV's look brand new, but yea if u kno what your doing, u could bring those back to life

is that kanye's cartoon?
Ill buy em for 5 bucks. I say rub the part you are going to paint down with accetone first.

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