NT whats a smooth and tasty vodka?

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Originally Posted by airmaxwun


but if you got lightweights around you need to monitor them, because they could kill themselves. BECAUSE: EFFEN vodka = NO AFTERTASTE / TASTE what so ever. The stuff tastes like liquid.

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Originally Posted by Chicagos Finest 23

People who drink Ciroc are the same people who think Patron is good tequila
Im not a tequla person at all, but people drink Patron/Goose/Ciroc and constantly brag bout it dunno know much bout drinkin and just do it cuz of the name/price...im not downing my true drinkers that drink it cuz thats their stuff, but majority are just reppin whatever is talked about in music videos...

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Ciroc Red Berry is aight.
Absolut is blah. The taste mixed with anything isn't too pleasant although it's cheap.
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