NT, Ya know about this?

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Don Nelson is a mere seven wins away from becomingthe all-time leader in wins for an NBA head coach. Who knew? Certainly,not many people are aware of the impending feat. The Golden State Warriors,Nelson's team, have not promoted the impending record breaking win. Thelack of publicity, it seems, may be from the fear among Warriors'ownership that the team may not be able to achieve the seven neededwins before the end of the season. It is true that Nelson may bereaching the end of the line in his coaching career, and drawingattention to the struggle for these final wins might only detract fromhis overall success.
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Not surprising to me cuz he has been coaching for so long and has coached some pretty good offensive teams too. Only problem is that his style doesn't work if you want to win championships but regular season, it's great, which is why he's racked up so many wins.
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Perseverance not Excellence.

God we better get Nelson this record this year. If I have to suffer through another season with this idiot running our team, hitmen will need to be hired.
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