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May 17, 2002
Hey fellas, every now and then employees or reps or family of any of any of those come across info that shouldn't be released or pics that are not intended to be published, but people like myself, have a hard time keeping info from the lifeblood of the industry, OK maybe not for such catagories as golf, tennis, ect.

below you can read a memo that was sent to me by e-mail, detailing why important info, or confidential info is intended to stay that way, and certain "insiders" can only give hints or teases with words or other.

here you go.

Nike Team,
We've recently learned of an unfortunate instance where information about Nike's product plans was published on an external website (hmmm) for the public and our copetitors to view. To this end, I wanted to remind everyone to do your utmost to keep confidential information confidential. It is vitally important to our company and you.

As a publicly traded company, there are federal guidlines around disclosure of such information, and severe legal consequences for those that do not follow those guidelines. In order to protect the Company and you from legal exposure, it is important that you know and meet your obligations regarding confidential information.

In general, most information that is confidential and non-public is considered "material inside information". "Material information that might influence an investor to buy or sell stock in Nike or another company (Martha Stewart). We have the obligation to hold such information in confidence. Our policy in this matter is very clear:

"Any employee in possession of such material information concerning Nike that has not yet been authorized for release to the public connot legaly,

1. Trade in Nike stock or the stock of a company which may be involved in discussions of a merger, aquistion, or other significant transaction with Nike, or
2. Communicate this information to other persons within or outside the company, sometimes referred to as "tipping".

These activities are also against the law. People who trade on non-public, material inside information, as well as people who have "tipped" others and those who have received the information, can be subject to both civil, and criminal prosecution. In addition, this activity may subject Nike to legal liability. Law enforment agencies use increasingly sophisticated methods to determine the sources of inside informationand those who are trading stocks. Clearly, this activity is not worth spending time in prison.

Disclosure of material inside information to outsiders Via the inernetis also a violation of our electronic com. system policy that states:

"As an employee and our systems user, you shall not permit any of Nike's propietary or confidential information to enter the public domain through electronic transmissions".

Any employee who engages in conduct violating either of these policies shall be subject to disciplinary action that may include termination of employment.
Information that we are talking about include:
An increase or decrease in our earnings or profit performance or other information regarding + or - financial performance;
Any information regarding a signifcant transaction, merger, acqisition, or change of management control involving Nike;
Any information regarding the co's anticipated sales performance, including booking levels future orders, production forcasts or other data;
Any info regarding + or - in the dividend payment on our stock;
Any info regarding extraordinary or revolutionary new products, marketing plans or business development;
Any other unusual extraordinary corporate transaction or activity, such as inpending workforce reductions, closures of facilities ect.

If you are uncertain about whether you can discuss certain information, ....Don't until you've checked it out with your manager and the legal department. We thank you for your understanding and adherence to this inportant policy.

Elliot Hill
Vice President and General Manager
US Retail

Well there it was, I hope I didn't drop a bomb and I typed quick so sorry for the misspells, but this will help people further understand why sometimes insiders just cant say anything, and help those on this website understand the power of the information that we all crave for, and the people it can affect. Let me know what you all think.

Thats some serious ish :wow:
So we probably wont see any pics of XIX for a while :wow:
I'm not gonna pressure Max, Ceo, and everybody for info. And nobody else should either. I mean like the above said they could lose their jobs, and get into trouble.

Thanks woody, the purpose of this thread was to help those guys understand that the insider info they get can get people in trouble, i truely hope that this letter wasn't meant for me. Omega that sucks you had to post a condescending remark as the first reply, That is what this website is looking to rid itself of. I have never done that to you, so please spare me.

thanks cog

alot of NTers know that insiders can get in trouble, but unfortunately many more have no idea the recapussions (sp?).
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good post cog. i just hope the rest of the kids on nt understand. you should prolly change the name of the post to make it more enticing. i wasnt gonna read it but i saw you had written it so i clicked on it.
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^ same here.. i was NOT going to read this post but then i saw u wrote it.. someone really needs to sticky this.
Yeah CHANGE the subject --MUST READ!!!!!!!!

A lot of people should be in trouble ---
I know I could of used this INFO. bout 2 months ago...
thanx THOUGH--
very good post much respect to those guys who be letting us know information even though they know they could get in trouble for it so thanks and if you cant tell we understand...
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An increase or decrease in our earnings or profit performance or other information regarding + or - financial performance;
^ damn, I hope CEO didn't get in trouble for doing that^....that's one thing that distinguished him from the other insiders, he would post info. about sales' numbers, etc.
We've recently learned of an unfortunate instance where information about Nike's product plans was published on an external website (hmmm) for the public and our copetitors to view.
I know what they're referring to, there's also been 3 other recent events tied into that, one was related to some info. ceo put up....
Any info regarding extraordinary or revolutionary new products, marketing plans or business development;

damn...okay, now seriously, we need to cut our guys some slack, this is a very serious situation...the majority of you still won't realize that...

...watch some kid ask "Cog can we see XIX pics?'

Thanks for the message Cog, that changes, alot...
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Great post cog, I hope this helps people understand we don't "sit around and salivate" at the tidbits of info we give out, but rather its all we can give out.

CEO hasn't been in any sort of trouble for posting Nike/JB earnings, if you were wondering why he hasn't been around, he's just a busy guy.

Something tells me that some people still won't get it.

I always appreciate what info is given to me. I just want to say thanks to all of you who are gracious enough to share info that you absolutely don't have to share.
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I'm the type that doesn't even beg for info on shoes just as long as i keep on seeing nice shoes that i like out here (old and new) I'ma continue to buy so that's cool, even if we don't get to see pics for awhile of the XIX's they just better not be ugly. In my opinion though posting up pics on websites early is advertisement but hey if that's the way it is then hey, that's just the way it is. It ain't even all that serious!
I hope this clears up to some folks why they cant show many pics...

The XIX pics are out there.....and I'm semi-confident DC NT has them...so if someone took a hit for the team, got banned from there but posted pics here..and they wre just an average joe, could they get in legal trouble?
I'm glad that was posted cog. Thanks some people just don't get it, and they still won't. I never feen because I don't want you guys to have your jobs in jeporady. HEY FENS LISTEN YOU GUYS THINK THEY ARE HOLDING OUT, NOPE NONE OF YOU EVER THINK THAT THESE GUYS HAVE LIVES.....MOST IMPORTANTLY FAMILIES. You wouldn't put you're job on the line if you were them so don't ask of them to do the same for you.I guarantee within the week someone will post something stupid about the you guys not showing us pictures. I know you guys want us to know and others need to realize that they aren't in the position that you guys are in......The position to lose their jobs. Thanks and to those who feen and disrespect Cog and the others :rofl:

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that is why i do not post exclusive confidential info as much as i do because dont want anyone to lose their job.

= k =
Thanks for the responses. Maybe a sticky so all the people who haven't been reading for a few days can see this one.

What up everyone. I am a new member to NT, but I have been reading for a while now and I just don' get why people get mad when they don't get info. The way I see it, many guys here like Max, CEO, and Manposite (among others) give us a wealth of information. I don't know if others agree, but I think its pretty cool to be able to know when some shoes are gonna drop when others dont have a clue. Basically, I want to thank the aforementioned people for giving us so much information. They don't have to do that for us, but they give us the information because they know we love shoes just like them. Every whiner should go to another board. My 2 cents!
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