NT'ers, Can someone please help ID these sunglasses? $5 Paypal

Joined Sep 23, 2008
whats good, need NT detectives for this one. was lookin for some help finding out what kind of shades these are. Tryna cop for my Dad. Worn by Ivan Lendl at this past Wimbledon final

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I asked on a Andy Murray fan site and someone said they were Adidas Adivista golfing sunglasses but i dont think they are. Any help would be appreciated
Joined Sep 23, 2008
lol i said they WERENT the adivisa...if u can see on Lendl's pair theres a grayish area in the middle
Joined Apr 27, 2009
Shoulda known better than to ask NT...everyone just tryna get e-laughs. Oh well my search continues
did you even look at the link i posted?
exact same glasses i and 940sicc3 posted are what you want :rolleyes
trying to get out of paying 940sicc3 $5 :stoneface:
meth should ban you
Joined Jun 15, 2013
Nah...I blatantly said in my first post that they weren't the adivista...thats what both of you posted
No you did not - What you said was "[color= rgb(255, 255, 255)]someone said they were Adidas Adivista golfing sunglasses but i dont think they are"[/color]  meaning that you aren't sure.

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